Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hardys loses the Tag Team belts

these are the events that happened on June 4, 2007 Monday Night Raw:

After a commercial, Cade & Murdoch were seen congratulating The Hardy’s on a match well fought last One Night Stand. They asked the Hardy’s when they asked when they could have a shot. The Hardy’s said they definitely deserved a shot and offered one tonight but Cade and Murdoch declined and said they only wanted one when the Hardy’s were 100%. Vince walked up and spoiled the party, making a tag championship match for later tonight between the two teams. Cade & Murdoch looked despondent.

The Match:
The Hardy’s look a tad banged up. Cade and Murdoch didn’t look like they were crazy about being there either. They shook hands and here we go.

Cade backed up Matt Hardy and grabbed a snap mare. Matt countered wit ha bow and arrow. The two traded some holds before Cade hit a hard back elbow. Matt grabbed an inside cradle for a near fall before almost getting another pin fall with a back slide. Murdoch called Cade back to the corner to regroup before he and Matt locked it up again.

The two exchanged some moves coming off the ropes before Cade grabbed the advantage with the drop kick for a two count. Murdoch tagged in and grabbed an arm wringer before getting a two count. Cade grabbed a shoulder block but on the second attempt found himself back body dropped. Matt tagged in Jeff who entered the ring gingerly before the two hit a double team for a near fall.

Jeff grabbed an arm wringer of his own before Matt tagged in and hit an axe handle on Cade’s shoulder. The two made another tag and Jeff leapfrogged off Matt and clattered into Murdoch for a near fall. Cade missed a move and he and his partner ended up on the outside. Jeff flung himself over the top and into Murdoch on the outside.

Jeff made the tag and was screaming about his knee as we went to commercial break.


Looks like Jeff has tweaked the knee and Matt is taking a beating on the inside. Matt went for an axe handle off the top but Murdoch yanked him off, literally. Cade tagged in and hit a body slam and dropped a nasty knee into the small of the back of Matt. Cade kept up the punishment before tagging his partner back into the match.

Murdoch hit some muy thai knees to Hardy’s mid section before connecting with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Cade tagged in and dropped an elbow on Matt’s ribs, getting a two count on the cover. Hardy hit a kick to the face on the irish whip, but Cade connected with a grizzly spine buster for a pair of two counts.

Murdoch tagged in and hit a snap mare and cinched in a reverse bear hug. The crowd rallied behind Matt and he was eventually able to hit a reverse DDT and created some distance. Matt made the tag to the clearly injured Jeff. Jeff came in a house of fire and cleaned house on the challengers. Jeff looked for the swanton bomb but Murdoch caught him at the top rope. Matt cleared out Murdoch and hit the side effect on Cade.

Murdoch dragged Hardy out of the ring but Jeff was already re-perched on the top rope. Jeff missed the swanton bomb allowing Cade to get the cover. Jeff looked like he may have had the foot on the ropes. Nonetheless, the ref counted three and we’ve got new champs.

Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch via pin fall

Matt approached the two after the match and asked if Jeff’s foot was on the ropes. They said they didn’t know. As soon as Matt turned around the two took their newly won titles and clocked the Hardy’s, leaving them in a heap in them middle of the ring.

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