Friday, June 8, 2007

YouTube adds a new feature for their embedded videos

I read that YouTube recently updated the interface for their embedded videos. Though lately most of my videos were uploaded at Dailymotion, some of my early video ads can still be found at YouTube. So just for curiousity I tried to put 1 real estate video w/c i uploaded to YouTube, and pasted it to a sample page. (see image below)

What happens is when you click the "menu" button on the bottom right corner of the screen, the current video shrinks and an array of related videos will pop up below the screen. Hovering and clicking on any video will open it on the same player. A very cool feature indeed, because if like me, you have a set of videos for say, different condominiums, all my other videos will most likely appear below so viewers and readers don't have to go to the next web page just to see the other movies. But the problem is not only my videos will appear, but most likely videos by other real estate brokers/agents (competitors) which in fact happened in the sample above. So though it is a neat feature by YouTube, there's also a risk that I might lose some prospective clients if videos by other property agents will suddenly appear. And with that i'm still sticking to my embedded Dailymotion vids :)

Since Google acquired YouTube, others say it's an attempt of monetizing with YouTube... For the next several months, people will get very used to using the related video tool that was just introduced. As soon as it becomes second nature for viewers to use it, we should start to see sponsored results mixed with these related videos. Pretty clever, don't you think?

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