Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Hardys competing on singles matches for the IC and USA belts

Make it a family affair at The Great American Bash!

Thanks to his win in a Four Way Elimination Match on Raw, Jeff Hardy will once again look to wear Intercontinental gold as he squares off with the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga.

Jeff’s brother, Matt, is also seeking championship gold at The Bash, facing Montel Vontavious Porter for the United States Championship. And the Carolina tandem is looking to make this family reunion in San Jose, Calif., one to remember.

Jeff lost the Intercontinental Championship to Umaga on Raw in February, and has since worn World Tag Team gold with his brother, Matt. But losing the tag titles nearly two months ago has left this half of the Hardy house hungry for a championship.

In the same manner, Matt Hardy has had a hunger for gold. While he’s more than a month removed from losing the World Tag Team Championship, he has turned up the heat in SmackDown singles action.

In previous weeks, he’s beaten numerous SmackDown Superstars with the Twist of Fate – a move that has been scoring pinfalls seemingly out of nowhere. Can the Carolina Superstar Twist his way past SmackDown’s No. 1 playmaker to become the next United States Champion?Will it be a ‘Hardy’ helping of championship gold for Jeff? Or will the Swanton Bomber become another victim of the massive monster, Umaga?

We'll find out when the fireworks explode at The Great American Bash...

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