Saturday, July 14, 2007

Nintendo's Wii aiming to top PS2's sales

It's no doubt that the hottest gaming console right now is Nintendo's Wii, outshining it's rivals Xbox 360 (Microsoft) and Playstation 3 (Sony). And it is reported that sales of the quirky Wii video game machine could top the legendary PlayStation 2, making it the biggest hit in the gaming industry's history.

The Wii has outsold Xbox 360 and PS3 monthly since its November launch, helped by its relatively affordable $250 price tag and a motion-sensing controller that can be swung like a bat, for instance.

Sony has shipped more than 120 million units of the PS2, helping the Tokyo-based electronics and entertainment conglomerate dominate the $30 billion global video game industry over the past decade.

Nintendo sold 5.8 million units of the Wii by March 2007, and aims to sell another 14 million during the current business year to March 2008.

Instead of offering lifelike graphics to appeal to hard-core gamers, who are mostly men, Nintendo has appealed to an audience including women and the elderly with innovative but easy-to-play games.

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