Friday, July 27, 2007

Regardless of age, gamers still love the PS2

Even though just about everyone is focused on the next-generation console battle between Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, Nielsen reported that the Sony PlayStation 2 was the most played game console in June.

PS2 gameplay accounted for as much as 42 percent of console use in the month of June - a number that really shouldn't surprise people. Considering the amount of PS2 consoles sold since its release in 2000, I am not surprised that so many people are still playing the older Sony console.

Here are the numbers for the other major consoles on the market: Microsoft Xbox, 17 percent; Xbox 360, 8 percent; Nintendo Gamecube, 5.8 percent; Wii, 4 percent; and PlayStation 3, 1.3 percent.

Nielsen's sample was made up of 33,000 people - 12,000 households.

And since I am discussing Nielsen GamePlay Metrics data, the media research company also found that the Nintendo Wii game console - despite being cheaper than its competition - is the console most likely to be found in households that have at least a $100,000 income per year.

Nielsen is already crunching numbers dealing with console video game titles and metering of PC game titles - those numbers will be available sometime soon.


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