Tuesday, February 13, 2007

reviving my very first website...

i'm now planning on reviving my very first website "abort, retry, fail" w/c can still be seen @ http://www.abortretryfail.cjb.net

this site was abandoned for quite some time now, if you looked at the main page the last update i did w/ the website was June of 2005...and
have undergone several changes since it began in 2002... placed it under yahoo's free web hosting - geocities and used a redirecting url to make the web address a bit short...

abortretryfail at first featured some cheat codes to popular pc games, then i added some strategy guides/FAQs w/c i personally created - the most downloaded was my Project IGI2 gamefaq (trivia: most e-mails i got asking tips for the game were coming from India, the game's quite popular there i think since up till now i'm still receiving e-mails from them)... all these strategy guides i made can also be found at gamefaqs - one of my favorite gaming websites offering millions of tips/faqs on playing video and pc games...

back to abortretryfail, last additions i made were the inclusion of emulators.... programs w/c lets you play console/handheld/arcade games on your pc... this gave the site good traffic for some period... the most reason were gamers looking for PS2 emulators (w/c AFAIK until now have yet to see a fully functional one)

anyways I'm starting on gathering my resources back... created a new address under dot tk ==>abortretryfail.tk

and soon abortretryfail will rise again! (bwa ha ha ha ha)

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