Monday, February 12, 2007

"whole lotta love" 4 the internet

internet again...lagi na lang... right now i'm in a computer rental in pateros, updating my sites (including this blog) while listening to "kashmir" (that's classic Led Zepellin to you youngsters)

-checked my email accounts (around 10 email addresses... i think)
-edited philHousing
-checked new posts/members of kali
-(now i'm listening to "immigrant song" (my favorite Led song! i actually liked the NIRVANA cover w/c Kurt and co. have on their 'with the lights out' dvd)
-i'm also experimenting on other ad programs beside adsense... i installed adbrite for now on my sites, gonna check the results after a few days...

after this i'm gonna go home and guess what will i do?

...internet again... and again... and again... and again...
that's it for now, im rocking this one out with "whole lotta love" on my headphone (",)

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