Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting the best of both worlds at same time!

Are you using Google as your main search engine, how about Yahoo? How about searching on both websites at the same time? Yes... you can with These two big names in web search has joined forces along with AT&T, owner of Yellow Pages Corp. - the people that came up with the tool for users to search both google and yahoo at the same time. When a user types a search word, Searchboth displays results of both search engines in a split screened frame.

This is a nice feature especially for users doing research, it gives them more variety and they can easily compare the search results from both web sites. According to online polls and blogs cited by the YellowPages, the majority of tech savvy and non-tech savvy American search engine users are crossed between either Google or Yahoo. Each show the same results, but on different pages. Some results may come up on Google’s first page; however, the same results could be on Yahoo’s second, third or fourth page, or vice versa. Not the first one, similar to YaGoohoogle (which seems to be defunct ) from awhile back, and extremely similar to GahooYoogle, this seems to be a nicely built one, with capability to perform images, news, videos and more searches instead of just the default web search. is managed by IdeaLabz, and they confirmed that they are also planning on adding MSN, and LiveSearch to the available choices in the near future.

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