Sunday, June 10, 2007

I want my WWE Ladder Match DVD!

Another early salary arrives, which means another early spending, which also reminds me that next week is the deadline for my web host's quarterly payment. Well, as a treat to myself for torturing my fingers into keying thousands and thousands of numerical figures every month, I decided to eat lunch at Wendy's and order their #7 combo - Big Bacon Mushroom Melt. As i was about to finish eating my burger, I realized something is not right, this is not their Quarter Pounder burger! F@*#! They gave me the smaller one, maybe because of too much hunger i didn't notice it when i ordered at the counter. Usually, it took me around 15-20 minutes chewing/grinding a BBMM.... but this one was finished in just less then 5 minutes. And since I already ate the whole burger, there's no way I can replace that (right?), at least that's what I know. Anyways, lesson learned... next time I'll probably weigh it first with my hand :)

Eniweys, I saw WWE released their LADDER MATCH DVD and I can't wait for it to be available here in Manila.

Here are the full details and listings for the new WWE Ladder Match DVD:

Disc One:
*Introduction by Todd Grisham
*Jake Roberts v. Big Daddy Ritter (Junkyard Dog) for Stampede Wrestling North American Title 7/79
*WWF Intercontinental champion Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels 7/21/92
*Grisham interviews Shawn Michaels
*WWF Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon Summerslam 1995
*Grisham afraid of Heights
*WWF Intercontinental champion Triple H vs. The Rock Summerslam 1998
*Grisham interviews Jeff Hardy
*Edge & Christian vs. New Brood (Hardy Boyz) - No Mercy 1999
*Todd Grisham interviews Edge
*The Dudleys vs. Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz: TLC Match Summerslam 2000
*Gregory Helms Steals the Spotlight
*3 Count vs. Jung Dragons vs. Jamie Knoble & Evan Karagias - Starrcade 2000
*Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho - Royal Rumble 2001

Disc Two:
*Todd Grisham explains the dangers of the ladder.
*Dudleys vs. Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz - TLC - WrestleMania 17
*Chris Benoit on paying the price.
*Dudleys vs. Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit - Smackdown, 5/24/01
*Edge vs. Christian - No Mercy 2001
*Eddie Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam - Raw, 5/27/02
*WWE champion The Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy - Raw, 7/1/02
*Grisham interviews Jeff Hardy
*Kane & Hurricane vs. RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley vs. Chris Jericho & Christian - Raw, 10/7/02
*Kane's Therapy
*Chris Jericho vs. Christian - Unforgiven 2004

Disc Three:
*Grisham fixing the light bulb with Shelton Benjamin
*Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian vs. Kane - Wrestlemania 21
*Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio for custody of Dominick - Summerslam 2005
*Todd Grisham Interrupted by Edge
*Edge vs. Matt Hardy - Loser Leaves Raw, 10/3/05
*Todd Grisham Discusses TLC with Ric Flair
*WWE champion Edge vs. Ric Flair - Raw, 1/16/06
*Grisham interviews John Cena
*John Cena vs. Edge - TLC - Unforgiven, 2006
*Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro - Raw, 11/20/06
*Todd Grisham interviews MNM
*Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. MNM vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. The Hardys - Armageddon 2006
*Grisham climbing the ladder to success
this list is from pwinsider

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